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Lawyers' fees are freely agreed with the client. Unlike what exists in other countries or other professions of law, fees are not subject to pricing by the authorities.

The fees of a lawyer are fixed according to the amount of time and research work required, to the complexity of the case and to the importance of the interests involved, to the qualification of the lawyer and to the services offered to the client. (Article 11 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Legal Profession).

Note that the overheads of a law firm are important: staff, research work...
On average, it is estimated that the overheads of a law firm represent 70% of the turnover.

Fees may be charged by the hour, or in an all-in set price, and/or may be partly dependent on the outcome of the case, each system having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Our firm bills its services by the hour.
However, depending on the case, fees can be based on the outcome, which could help to promote a real trusting relationship between our lawyers and their clients.

In 2010, the hourly rate of the firm is fixed at € 250exc.

This rate may be increased depending on the issues and responsibilities. Thus the hourly rate for drafting contracts where the responsibility of the firm could be exposed for several years is €320 exc.
In the same way, the hourly rate can be reduced when the firm is consulting for a large number of files or for simple counselling.

In any case, we attach the highest importance to work in a climate of absolute trust, fairness and openness; this is why we insist on discussing our fees in our first meeting with our clients.

In the event of difficulties, lawyers' fees are fixed by the Dean of the National Bar Council, under the control of the First President of the Court of Appeal.

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